Beth Simon

Creative Director


For Jeffrey Wilson Heals, I bring over 25 years of an extensive background in visual merchandising and staging presence in retail visual management, plus 15 years of graphic design. In the workplace, I have brought my clients’ visions to life.


Some of the companies I have worked with include: Frederick’s of Hollywood, Dillard's Department Stores, Best Products, Mervyn's Department Stores Burlington Coat Factory and The Ranch Stores


I put my talents in graphic designs, floor plans, and visual merchandising techniques to work. Then I take ideas and concepts and turn them into dynamic experiences that resonate core concepts, beliefs and the energetic overlays of my clients.


I utilize ideas to transform them into vivid images, which provides the mediums that truly represent you, your vision and mission.


Most recently, I have also gone deeper than this, as I profoundly value my studies and practice Quantum Evolutions, Facilitators of Consciousness and Vibrational Healing.


All of this adds up to a keen awareness—and the skill—to help you inspire people to call them to action.






Micah Simon

Product Development

My journey in discovering vibrational and other healing modalities began with my education from Xavier University with a degree in Public Relations. From my courses I learned the work I do as part of an organization, cause or myself can influence the way people live. From there I worked in the communications department at USA Football, a non-profit organization supporting youth football leagues in the United States. I promoted USA Football’s initiatives in the community through interviews with youth football coaches and high school athletes, and I wrote articles about USA Football coaching and youth athlete programs. My efforts contributed to establishing USA Football as a top resource for youth football leagues across the country, which brought support by many organizations including the National Football League


As my life has progressed, I’ve realized words and the ways they are used can make our identity come to life. This has the ability to influence other people, which is part of my work with Jeffrey Wilson Heals.  I’ve gone on to publish in online publications about yoga, including elephant journal and Curvy Girl Health. Yoga influenced the way I lived so much I became a teacher and continuing student of the practice. Now I’ve expanded to copywriting and supporting product launches that have the ability to change people’s lives from within. Yet working with Jeffrey Wilson Heals goes beyond promoting the importance of healing our bodies of consciousness: the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves. Whether it’s through writing or my voice, I’m here to inspire and inform people of their ability to be who they are on their own terms. Let’s think differently, act differently, live differently and

 prosper.  ~Micah


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