MartyThank you Jeff for all of the great work you do with me!   The value of your sessions is far in excess for the financial price.  You were right when you told me that life past the 600 level would be a significant shift and that my interests would likely change.  Level 631 is the target, but I am certainly enjoying the journey to this! Thank you again!  I look forward to our next session which should be in June! Peace and blessings!Dani Lynn My deep appreciation for Jeffrey Wilson stems from so much about him; his sincerity to help, his giving nature, the enormity of Jeff's talent and gifts that he so Lovingly shares with people who are hurting mentally, physically, emotionslly and/or Spiritually. The true nature of Jeffrey is the Love and Talent he shares with Grace and Kindness to those that seek his assistance to improve their well-being and learn to live in Peace from whatever pain exists in their life. Diane Thompson ManeringI have worked with Jeff for about 4 years, I was falling apart on so many levels, all 4 quadrants of my life. I had tried everything I knew to stop the pain ,sadness, confusion, and grief. I had a horrible experience with a so called spiritual leader at a 5 day retreat. it was the catalyst I needed to connect with Jeff's work. I thank my friend for recommending his work. my life still gets wiggly, I just know it's my field being weakened.. I call Jeff the Fixer. it is easy to recommend his work to everyone I know. it makes my world so much easier to navigate when everyone I hang out with does the work..Life is just more Joyful, healthy, and peaceful. Thank you Jeff for your gifts you bring to this crazy world.Teri Simonds SnyderJeff has made an immeasurable difference in the quality of my life and I am eternlly grateful for his genuine compassion, his genius-level insights and expertise and his miracle-like healing skills. Joti Kaur"Jeff is a gifted and skillful vibrational healer who is dedicated to service and excellence. He embodies a deep commitment to truth with integrity and a wise compassionate heart." Mark StrahlI have been a client of Jeff's for over 5 years. He has given me my life back from depression.  I personally grow so much with each session. Thanks Jeff with my healing opportunities.Ced Marsden - New Bern, NC"Dear Friends, I am delighted to tell you my story ~ Testimonial of the work that Jeff Wilson has done to help heal me during the course of the past year. I have known Jeff Wilson for more than 10 years now. To me, he is a Man of integrity and powerful spirit .... his change around from being in the Corporate World of business and modern medicine to moving in new direction where Healing is performed in a Holistic way would have been unthinkable to me, and I believe him too, some 10 years ago. My Story is that, up to the beginning of 2009, I had experienced considerable difficulties with Stress, Prostatitis, Sleeplessness and Hemorrhoids, which I know to be such a common difficulty to many men in western world. Modern medicines, while helping me on a physical level, created serious side effects for me. I experienced exhaustion, ED, erratic heart beats, sleeplessness and much pain. With my difficult bathroom routines and prostate problem,  I felt that I lived in a twilight zone and I couldn't see any change from this. I live in North Carolina and Jeff lives in Ohio. Despite the distance, Jeff has been able to work on me remotely. I need you to know that his continued support and healing has helped me to turn my life around. Not only do I now no longer have Hemorrhoids and ED, I have been far more calm and energized. I have clarity like never before about my life. I sleep better and find that I approach my business and relationships in a better way. I can also report that a welcomed reduction in my stress and weight has been a wonderful side-effect. Now, I feel that I embrace my life in a more holistic way. These changes are as a direct result of the work that Jeff has performed with me this past year. The journey still continues with more changes that occasionally requires a "top-up" of Healing Energy from Jeff. I thoroughly recommend and endorse the work that Jeff Wilson does. I am sending this feeling Blessed by Jeff Wilson and his work." Victoria - Mexico"I would be soooo happy  to  share my experience of meeting and working with Jeff.  I am living in Mexico and we communicate through email.  He is very generous and sincere and I believe he has healed what I can only describe as a lifetime of low energy and sadness.  At times I have experienced deep depression, never understanding why it was occurring.  I am 38 years old and had been experiencing sleeplessness, anxiety and a feeling of being lost.  I have tried to exercise,  meditation, positive affirmation cards and spending time having fun with my dog, just to name a few. . .  well, Jeff has helped me immensely.  He has healed my negative thought patterns, and Ifeel such a new spiritual awakening through his nurturing support and attentiveness.  I have more confidence and I am sleeping better and have a better understanding of working through difficulties and dealing with stress.  He continues to check on me and supportive of my continual growth. I feel very very fortunate to have met and worked with Jeff. He is a blessing!!!  His work and his gifts are amazing!!!"Judy Ashcraft - Columbus, OH"I first heard of Jeff through a mutual friend, when I was sharing my frustrations with finding help for my 23 year old son who has been suffering from Bi-polar disorder since high school. He is resistant to medications because of the terrible side effects he encountered, so I asked Jeff for help for him using his knowledge of Vibrational Healing. Right away I noticed a shift in Marshall's energy, from one of high volatility, to one of greater composure. I could actually glimpse the character of my son that is what I feel is his genuine self. I feel my son has greater self control and does not go so quickly into rage as before. Though I know there is further healing that can be achieved, I am grateful for Jeff's perceptions and ability to tune into the person he is helping, with a clarity that is quite impressive. I am confident that we are working on deeper causal levels that will have the greatest effectiveness in the long and short term. I definitely would recommend the services of Jeff Wilson, as one who is understanding and caring."Georgeta - New Albany, OH"I work in a health food store for over 12 years. I had experienced a lot of loss of energy, motivation, growing thinner and sort of depression and lately for a whole week I had cold and flu symptoms, and no desire to stay alive. One of my friends who heard about my condition suggested that I contact Jeffrey Wilson. After the initial consultation with Jeffrey within 30 minutes I felt hungry, I started getting motivated to get out and walk at the park, I felt a difference in my energy level. I have tried a lot of supplements for the was I was feeling but with no result. Jeff found a lot of blocked meridians and worked on my energy, also he did a soul retrieval. I am very thankful that gifted people like Jeff are around to help us. Those who have tried other natural remedies and are still feeling the same depression and no motivation. Thanks a million Mr. Wilson for all the wonderful work you have done for me!"Sandra - Columbus, OH"I met Jeff only this last January at a training workshop for a nutritional product - I happened to sit next to him.  After we were talking for awhile, I asked him what he did.  He told me he was doing  vibrational healing....I think that is what he called it.  Having been doing a lot of reading and research into quantum mechanics and metaphysical concepts, I thought I basically understood what he was doing - not how - but what.  I asked him if he could work on me and my children.  Having gone through a divorce a number of years before and still struggling to 'get my act together' because of what I felt were still emotional and mental issues, I was still seeking to overcome them or let them go.  Neither of these approaches were really working, and even though I consciously knew what I needed to do and what I should be able to focus on, I was not having success and I was often getting depressed over it.  I felt helpless at moments and that is not who I have been. Jeff said he could help and I was more then willing to try.  He started working on me the end of February and I felt something right away.  It was as if a net in my mind had dissolved and I didn't keep getting stuck in the same bad thought patterns.  I felt like I might be able to recover parts of me that I had sort of lost.  Over the last couple of months, I have felt at times that I was slipping backwards.  Jeff says it is a process and not an event....and this is true.  Jeff would listen to what I was feeling and experiencing and then do some more adjusting.  It is amazing, because I have often felt better when in the hour.  Jeff is always gentle and reassuring and patient, which is wonderful because often I am not. It is the middle of May and I have definitely come along way. I have had some pretty bad days - as Jeff says 'the feelings come up again - one has to experience them again - but then they will not come back as long as one replaces them with different thoughts and feelings'. I am so grateful that my path crossed Jeff's - I am grateful that he has taken up this work - he is a gifted healer - a blessing to all those he 'touches'.  He has also worked on both my children and I see the positive results for them. The divorce has been hard on them and it seems that there are limited resources as to help them heal emotionally.  The work he did on them has helped and I am very grateful.  I bless Jeff every day and am inspired by him.  I recommend his healing work for anyone hurting andfor everyone that wants to grow. "