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"Do you know there is nothing more important than  you being joyful and joy-filled? Joy is your reason for choosing to come into this lifetime. It is literally your reason for being, in your current physical body. You did not choose, at your soul level, to come into this lifetime to experience anything except joy."


~Chief Joseph, of the Nez Perce Tribe


If you suffer from depression or anxiety you may have struggled for decades looking for a solution that works. You hope to reach a healthy place, and you’re not sure where it is, whether you’ll ever arrive, or if happiness can ever exist for you. I welcome the opportunity to be that road-map and to help guide you along your path from depression to joy.


For over 23 years, doctors treated me for depression with one antidepressant after another. A lot of them “worked” for a while but eventually I would have to increase the dosage or try another antidepressant to get that good feeling again. As time went on, I was diagnosed with Adult ADD and eventually bipolar disorder. With each new diagnosis, a new drug was added to my treatment regimen.


During this time, I was unable to really experience joy. Nothing touched me, not pleasurable activities or familiar comforts. I was emotionally frozen and withdrew into isolation and indifference. The symptoms included a loss of interest or pleasure in ordinary activities. I stopped taking chances, avoided stimulation, played it safe, and cut myself off from anything that might shake me up, including those I loved. It was like a poison permeating every aspect of my life. I often wondered why I bothered to live.


As the years progressed, I felt less and less hopeful of a solution. I was getting tired of the endless spiral of drugs and I felt disgusted by the endless search for a solution. I was fed up with paying people who didn’t have the answers for me; aren’t you?


I decided, there had to be a way to beat this so I did my own research rather than relying solely on the “experts”. What I found was disturbing and freeing at the same time. I discovered that I could eliminate all the symptoms by breaking free of the medical model of treatment.


July 14, 2003 was the last time I took an antidepressant. Since I became healthy and have eliminated all these symptoms, my life has improved in so many fantastic ways. These changes came, not simply from recovering from these symptoms, but because of how I did it. I have spent the last few years writing and teaching others how permanent self-healing works.


I promise your situation is not unique. And more importantly - your situation is NOT hopeless. I am not a special case. I was able to end my battle with what doctors called “depression”, “adult ADD” and “bipolar disorder” on

 my own, and so can you, if YOU choose to do so.





The Antidepressant Crisis and How to Avoid Unnecessary Behavioral Drugs

Nearly 20 million Americans take antidepressants and use is increasing by 10 percent a year



Author Jeffrey Wilson draws upon his personal 23 year experience taking psychiatric drugs and his knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry to expose a medical model of treatment that is dangerous and out of control.  Irrational Medicine show how doctors ignored various causes for his depression and prescribed drug after drug to "cure" him.  Eventually the side effects of the drugs caused him to be diagnosed with ADD and Bipolar Disorder.  He then discover the truth about the psychiatric drugs and found a way to get out of his pharmaceutical coma through alternative healing methods.


Irrational Medicine puts the spotlight on a drug crisis that is still in the making, control and consumption of mood-regulating drugs, such as Prozac and others antidepressants and a much wider problem is the human dependence on corporate professional power.  This is a unique and penetrating look into the true effectiveness of psychiatric drugs.


Jeffrey Wilson is a story teller with a voice that doesn't get out of your head.  It will make you cry and keep you turning the pages.


This book provides a road map to emotional healing and delivers the message that depression is not a disease like the drug companies want us to believe.  We are not helpless and we can live normal and happy lives without drugs.