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Now You Can Receive Ongoing, Daily Quantum Vibrational Healing at a Very Reasonable Cost


Your most valuable asset is the quality of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual existence. These come directly from your energy field.


Like anything that is essential to your well-being, your energy field needs to be minded and protected. My exclusive QVH Daily Healing Network program of continuous energetic spiritual corrections will provide that protection for you every day.



Why Quantum Vibrational Healing on a Daily Basis?


You don’t take a shower, and then believe that you never need another one for the rest of your life. Just like your physical body, your energetic bodies need regular cleaning to get rid of the muck and mire that accumulate from being in this world.


Quantum Vibrational Healing is a powerful spiritual healing technique that works with your energy field to help you overcome imbalances. It creates the potential for increasing the baseline vibratory frequency of your body by clearing blockages, barriers, and personal and emotional issues. When Quantum Vibrational Healing produces a shift in your energetic state, the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual causes of suffering all begin to disappear.


Reasons to Participate

My exclusive QVH Daily Healing Network program


  • is effective and holistic. I work with your energetic field to cultivate your health and longevity. This helps you overcome imbalances and clear harmful energy patterns.


  • provides physical health insights and energetic balance. Your energetic field quickly detects problems that may be keeping you from functioning in a balanced state. As imbalances are identified, I will transmit a spiritual correction of physical, mental, and spiritual issues. This will help keep your energy levels high, so you can enjoy life.


  • reduces stress and anxiety as old habits are released. We release blockages that contribute to pain or depression. The result is relaxation and the relief of tensions.


  • accelerates healing. Because healing happens on a daily basis, it activates your body's natural ability to heal itself. It works in conjunction with your expressed intention for help and improvement in any area of life and health that you want.


  • clears limiting belief structures that no longer serve you. As your energy field is cleared, your subconscious directs the clearing energy to any underlying spiritual beliefs that hold imbalanced patterns in place. With these out of the way, you can overcome problems hindering your spiritual evolution.


  • breaks old habits. Healing sessions facilitate your ability to release stuck emotions and thought patterns at the deepest levels. These blockages prevent you from realizing your highest potential. Improvement is exponential and cumulative with more energy and strength building over time.


Regain Your True Power


Life in the physical plane that we all share has literally stripped away almost everyone’s personal power and ability to influence outcomes and circumstances in their lives. The result is that most people have very little control. My QVH Daily Healing Network program helps you regain empowerment over matter, energy, and the events in your own life.


If you want to keep moving forward in a powerful way, I recommend that you join my QVH Daily Healing Network.


Everything we are and everything that has ever existed is nothing more than energy vibrating at different frequencies.  Your energy field is your most precious, precious resource. Guard it, protect it, and nurture it— every day!


Through the Daily Healing Network, frequencies are delivered remotely through daily-life broadcasts—directly from me—based on what I feel is going on in the world at the time and what is needed by the group. At the end of each month, I will send group members a recap of highlights that have occurred during that 30-day period.


The Daily Healing Network is a gentle, daily nudge of love, each and every day.  It is not intended to replace a private session, which we use for addressing specific issues in your life.  This process is similar to taking an energetic shower each and every day.


People have reported amazing experiences and a wide range of benefits from these frequency “spa” treatments, benefits such as detoxifying and eliminating blocked energies from the body and spirit, releasing stress and removing worries, stabilizing mood swings, and elevating energy levels.


Sign up for my exclusive QVH Daily Healing Network program today!

The cost is just $95 each month!

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You can be billed up to $95.00 USD


If you have any questions, contact Jeffrey Wilson at session@jeffreywilsonheals.com or call the office at (828) 367-3657.