Each session you can safely experience a degree of healing which over time produces the cumulative effect of proper connection between your body, mind, higher self, and source consciousness.


What you can expect as the result of these sessions.......

We are kept from the experience of Spirit because our inner world is cluttered with past traumas. As we begin to clear away this clutter, the energy of divine Light and Love begins to flow through our beings. As your field is cleared you wield more true power in manifesting your reality.


~ Jeffrey Wilson




If you have never worked with Jeffrey before then this is where it all begins. This package consists of three sessions, each designed to restore and revive your energy field and get it geared up for very deep and meaningful work.


The first session is focused on putting your energy field back together and will last approximately one hour. We will address issues such as soul retrieval, central channel repair, reconnecting you to the Creator energy from which you came and ensuring that your physical body is capable of operating in a healthy way. This first session focuses on rebuilding/reconnecting your energy field and lays the foundation for everything to come.  People report feeling as if they are “online” for the first time in their life.


The second session is focused on getting energy flowing through the field.  It will happen approximately one week later and last thirty minutes. Once Jeffrey has verified that the work from the first session has processed appropriately then he will turn on the energetic spigot so energy freely flows through the field again.  People report increased ability to create their reality and an overall increase in vitality.


The third session will focus on a core issue in your life such as trapped emotions, stored trauma, PTSD, sexual abuse or maybe self-sabotage. We won’t know until we get there because now your High Self is directing the process based upon your history, your future timeline and the purpose you came here to fulfill. People report a tremendous sense of freedom from having such traumatic burdens removed from their energy field.




(3 Sessions) $600.00




This session is for people who have had work done before and just need a tune up. Jeffrey’s work is constantly expanding and growing and this is a very efficient way to take advantage of new discoveries and address any new issues in your life. This session is for clients who have achieved their primary level of consciousness and have not had work done for a while but who want to get latest and greatest clearing protocols.


One Session $155.00





This package is only available to people who are regularly working with Jeffrey to achieve their level of consciousness.


(3 sessions) $390




All sessions are pre-paid in advance. The amount paid is non-refundable.  If you need to reschedule an appointment please call 24 hours before your appointment scheduled time. With any Questions Contact Jeff at, session@jeffreywilsonheals.com 0r call at (828) 367-3657




Private Sessions