Quantum Vibrational Healing


We are on the threshold of a new understanding of the cause

of disease, poverty, mental confusion, and suffering.


Billions of people attribute their failing health to biochemistry and genes; they believe their lack of wealth is caused by the economic climate or job market; they think that the condition of their family and relationships is due to other people’s confusion. In fact, each of us has the possibility of shifting our self and our life; our self and our family; our self and our world. The mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual causes of suffering all respond and begin to disappear when there is a shift in your energetic state, achieved through Vibrational Healing. New advances in quantum physics and biology lead us to a future of hope and self determination because New Science proves that The Field is the determining factor of the human body.


The mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual causes of suffering all respond and begin to disappear when there is a shift in your energetic state, achieved through Vibrational Healing. New advances in quantum physics and biology lead us to a future of hope and self determination because New Science proves that The Field is the determining factor of the human body.


Regardless of the origin of the problem – physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual – Quantum Vibrational Healing has produced results that clients consider miraculous. Vibrational Healing offers only benefits; there are no negative side effects. You can expect to experience inner peace, joy, increased energy, and an overall feeling of well-being.


According to renowned physicist John Archibald Wheeler, everything on our planet is composed of bits of information; the body/mind/field complex is therefore information. These informational patterns create and hold the body together. If you remove the distortion of information in the Body/Mind/Field Complex, the disease can no longer exist in the physical body and disappears. All the so-called healing miracles occur in this fashion; disease is merely incorrect or scrambled information in the field that is manifesting in the physical body. When we eliminate distortion, the body chemistry and cells transform and the body heals itself!




When a traumatic, challenging, or painful event occurs in our life, the feelings and emotions associated with the event must be cleared.  If this does not happen, an energetic imprint is created in the Body/Mind/Field Complex, the energetic field that surrounds your physical body.  This imprint collects emotional energies that eventually manifest, into the body. This toxic data is distributed throughout the physical and energetic bodies, where it expresses itself in destructive or painful patterns, including physical pain and illness.  If the imprint is not erased, it becomes any number of disease states or a state of mental illness. Using Vibrational Healing techniques, I clear these imprints from your Body/Mind/Field Complex.


This energetic process changes the Body/Mind/Field Complex - the energetic blueprint. Then the chakras and all the other energetic components of the body can function as they were designed to do and perfect health flows into all areas of your being. Quantum Vibrational Healing transmutes and transforms the negative energy into life-sustaining energy.


As blockages, barriers, and personal and emotional issues are resolved through Quantum Vibrational Healing and clearings, there occurs a corresponding increase in the baseline vibratory frequency of the body. This results in a natural detoxification that occurs not only in the dense physical body but also in the subtle physical or etheric bodies. The clearing of these subtle and physical toxins and concretions cause all of the bodies to channel, contain, and utilize higher quantities, qualities, and frequencies of light, including Spiritual Light. This is a palpable experience that can often be felt immediately by the person undergoing the clearing.


As the baseline vibratory frequency rises in all cells of the physical and subtle physical bodies, it causes the body and the energy field to come into greater levels of sympathetic resonance with higher Spiritual realms and dimensional realities. The bodies then attract to themselves and resonate with these higher dimensional realms, and you experience the awareness and consciousness inherent in this state of perfect healing and peace.




If this seems impossible to you, just remember that everything in the universe is energy. Nothing is actually solid. Objects are made up of microscopic particles vibrating at such a fast rate that they appear solid. Our limited sense of sight doesn’t let us see the movement or vibration of particles. Every object, including the human body, has a natural healthy vibratory rate referred to as resonance. If a part of the body begins to vibrate out of resonance or harmony, it creates what we term dis-ease. Vibrational Healing looks at the energy anatomy within and around the physical body. Imbalances and disharmonies are literally transformed using improved energetic frequencies.


Using this model, disease prevention is the norm. Disharmony shows up in the energy field before it becomes a problem in the body. If imbalances can be detected while still in the energy field, dis-ease can be avoided altogether.


Negative emotion can also create disease. Negative emotion causes the frequency of the body to decrease. On the other hand, feelings of love, joy, laughter, and other positive emotions cause the frequency of the body to rise.


The lowest frequency of emotion is unconsciousness. If we are experiencing anything less than enthusiasm in any area of our life, we have lowered our frequency and are running the risk of dis-ease. In order to be healthy, people must increase their frequency. Removing blocks and barriers in your Body/Mind/Field Complex makes room for consciousness to enter.


Your Vibrational Healing sessions heals the past and keep your vibration high so that fear, anger, resentment, and grief are eliminated from your life.






Areas commonly addressed by Vibrational Healing


PhysicalEmotionalMentalSpiritualHeart Ailments, Arthritis Hemorrhoids, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Skin Problems Cancer Dizziness & Headaches, Pain Relief Fatigue, Eating Disorders, Diabetes Insomnia Ever wondered why your life doesn’t look like the wisdom and inspiration you’ve gleaned from all those self-help books you’ve read, the workshops and lectures you’ve attended, the audiotapes you’ve listened to, or the therapy sessions you’ve had? Is there a nagging suspicion that things are pretty much the same as they’ve always been? You know: relationship – prosperity – self- esteem – weight loss – job burnout – can’t seem to get my life together issues! There is a reason that the wisdom you possess doesn’t always show up in your life the way you want it to, and why doing more of what you have been doing may be part of the problem rather than the solution. Click here to download Physical Pain Probable Causes Chart  Resentment, Rejection, Hatred, Bitterness ,Wounds & Hurts, Guilt, Shame,  Fear-People, Places & Things, Jealousy, Envy, Fear of Participation, Toxic Love. The Astral Body gives you the ability to have desires, emotions, imagination and psychic abilities. This gives command, which is essential for effective action and manifestation.  Have you ever wondered why you don't manifest what you want? Why external circumstances keep you from joy, happiness and the finances you desire? Click Here to download Map of EMOTIONAL ENERGY CENTERS OF THE BODY   Depression, Panic Attacks, Anxiety, Defeat & Failure, PTSD, Indifference, Apathy,  ADD, ADHD Mood Swings, Phobias , Bipolar If you are like many people, you have tried hard to become a better person over the years. But when it comes to accomplishing your goals in life, sometimes it can feel like you are your own worst enemy instead of your own best friend. This inner conflict can keep you from having a life filled with joy, happiness, and peace (and health).     The ever-increasing awareness of the role of spirituality in our lives has become paramount. Accelerating one’s spiritual evolution is fast becoming the most popular application of this amazing healing modality. In the final analysis, all problems are spiritual problems with physical side effects. Click  To Learn more about THE  SEVEN SUBTLE, INTERFACING BODIES OF MULTIDIMENSIONAL HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS 


Download Charts

1) Physical Pain and Probable Causes

2) Emotional Energy Center of the Body






This is your chance to liberate yourself and your loved ones from the shackles of dis-ease, medications, and painful treatments and free yourself to live the life you have always imagined. I have helped thousands of people manifest their own miracles, and now it is YOUR turn.


No matter your age, no matter how hard the challenges are,  participatory living is available to you today. The freedom to create the life that you desire is available to you right now. It is your birthright. Here is your chance to become a more conscious and active participant in your life so, the Bottom Line...



You End Up Becoming Yourself!