QVH Basics

Energetic Anatomy, Life-Force Retrieval and Clearing Emotional Issues


Apprentice I Studies


 Modules A1 - A8


Introduction to QVH Studies will include

  • Goal Setting (What you want to obtain from these Studies)
  • What to Expect
  • Weekly Q and A call with Jeffrey
  • Special Bonus: Three Session Protocol New Client Package Clearings a value of  $600.00
  • The Energetic Anatomy


Location Reminder: Conveniently access prerecorded modules by phone or by video 24/7. So even after this course launches on Saturday, August 10th, PARTICIPANTS MAY JOIN IN THE COURSE SEQUENCE AT ANY TIME!


This level 1 healing and training workshop in Quantum Vibrational Healing opens a new paradigm of reality and awareness and fosters a major enhancement of your personal empowerment over your life, health, spiritual contact, and consciousness.


 With this first level, you begin a journey to guide and direct your destiny and life circumstances according to your will and choosing. You will learn advanced techniques in specialized kinesiology, effective prayer for clearing purposes, basics of vibrational healing, and more than 15 other advanced techniques of energetic healing for yourself and others.


 The primary focus is on resolving emotional “baggage” and discordant “knee jerk” reactions to emotional stimuli from countless lifetimes. Another major benefit is the knowledge and ability to obtain guidance and information on any area of your life to assure direction on a moment-to-moment basis.


Clearings are provided to remove all blocks and barriers that you may have to accomplishing the techniques. Everyone will get it!


 If you are ready for an accelerated new level of awareness and personal power, the opportunity is here now!




Quantum Vibrational Healing

Apprentice II Studies


Subtle Energy and Vibrational Healing


NOTE: Prerequisite for Apprentice Level II is the prior workshop, Apprentice Level I: Advanced Techniques for Clearing Emotional Issues and Beyond.


Overview vibrational healing modalities and concepts. Pinpoint how to address the varied vibrational layers of the body.


Learn how wave signatures and counter-wave signatures work in healing applications.


Learn about inherited ancestral energy patterns (miasms) and past life patterns slowing down personal growth and contributing to physical ailments--and how Quantum Vibrational Healing techniques can address them.


Identify and gain insight into issues that may need further healing.


Learn how to perform body scans and assess and clear subtle body blockages.  Receive attunements and training in the use of Quantum Vibrational Healing Sacred Healing Codes and Symbols which will enable you to assess and facilitate for yourself or clients:


1. Clear fragmentation of chakras.


2. Clear chronic blockages of chakras and the central channel.


3. Clear chronic blockages of the primary pranic energy centers of the body.


4. Numerous other types of clearings.


Learn techniques to clear discordant energy and sustain the vibrational integrity of your healing space, home, and yourself. Receive extensive instruction in the subtle anatomy of the body and how to access it. Participate in supervised practice


This is an extensive course of study for healing practitioners, aspiring healers, and those seeking accelerated personal growth.


Wonderful healings often occur during and following the workshop.


Come with the willingness to process..



Quantum Vibrational Healing

Apprentice III Studies


Retrieval of Personal Life Force Energy

This is an intensive 8-module course



NOTE: Prerequisite for Apprentice Level III: Both Apprentice Level I and Level II Workshops

Location Reminder: Conveniently access prerecorded modules by phone or by video conference 24/7. So even after Apprentice I Studies has launched on August 10th, PARTICIPANTS MAY CONTINUE TO JOIN IN THE COURSE SEQUENCE AT ANY TIME!


In this practitioner training workshop, you will learn how to retrieve personal life force energy for yourself and others. This work, sometimes referred to as "soul retrieval," retrieves back to your energy field, your own spiritual substance that has been fragmented and lost through traumatic or disempowering events in your life. Many such fragmentations have occurred throughout your life under normal or even seemingly harmless circumstances. A minimal amount of this available energy is crucial to maintain health and extend life.


Learn how retrieving your personal life force (PLF) energy can enhance your life experience and your ability to heal yourself and assist others.  PLF is a major component in the manifestation of your desires in the physical plane and protects you from discordant influences, boosts your immune system, and protects you from disease states.


The result of this work returns and accelerates your personal power and sovereign control in your life and experience!


You will experience and learn how to:


Identify ages of crucial loss that can assist in cognitive understanding of the event(s).  Locate and clear traumatic shock, panic, and trauma, plus emotions from fragmented life force energy. Retrieve and reintegrate the personal life force and subtle body energy back into your field complex. Seal holes that have been fragmented from the body or the entire field complex.  Help yourself or others return to an optimal level of self-empowerment and confidence.


Wonderful healings often occur during and following the workshop.


Come with the willingness to process.




These three Apprentice-level healing and training workshops embody an intensive, cutting-edge course of study for healing practitioners, aspiring healers, and those seeking accelerated personal growth.


The Quantum Vibrational Healing Studies with Jeffrey Wilson $3500 investment for all three Apprentice-Level courses includes:


• Unlimited online access, 24/7, to view or revisit any class module.


• Starting the week after you complete Modules A1-A8, optional every-other-week group calls with Jeffrey, to answer any questions that you may have.  Please note that completing Modules A1-A8 is a prerequisite for participating in your first call.


• Optional peer-study support-community participation.








Jeff’s three-protocol new-client package, a $600 value in and of itself, is built into your $3500 Quantum Vibrational Healing Apprentice Level I, Level II, and Level III investment.


During the past five years, Jeffrey Wilson has held more than 10,000 individual sessions as part of his current world-wide vibrational healing practice based in Columbus, Ohio.


He has this to say about the clearing protocol sessions he offers to clients.


“With each clearing protocol session, you can safely experience a degree of healing that over time produces the cumulative effect of proper connection among your body, mind, higher self, and source consciousness.


Here’s what you can expect as the result of these clearing protocols.


We are kept from the experience of Spirit because our inner world is cluttered with past traumas. As we begin to clear away this clutter, the energy of divine Light and Love begins to flow through our beings. As your field is cleared, you wield more true power in manifesting your reality.”


~ Jeffrey Wilson




This special bonus package consists of three sessions, each designed to restore and revive your energy field and get it geared up for very deep and meaningful growth. Individuals who have previously experienced any of these clearings will find that repeating them is highly beneficial to their energetic maintenance.


A key component of the Apprentice Level I experience, the first protocol session focuses on putting your energy field back together. We will address issues such as soul retrieval, central channel repair, reconnecting you to the Creator energy from which you came, and ensuring that your physical body is capable of operating in a healthy way. This first session focuses on rebuilding/reconnecting your energy field and lays the foundation for everything to come.  People report feeling as if they are “online” for the first time in their life.


The second protocol clearing session is focused on getting energy flowing through the field.  This session will occur during the Apprentice Level II experience. Once Jeffrey verifies that the work from the first session has processed appropriately, he will then turn on the energetic spigot so energy freely flows through the field again.  People report increased ability to create their reality and an overall increase in vitality.


The third protocol clearing session, taking place as part of the Apprentice Level III class, will focus on a powerful re-set of your physical limbic system.  With limbic system injuries and malfunctions, the brain is stuck in the stored and chronic stress of fight/flight/freeze mode, caused by traumatic or disempowering events in your life—many of which have occurred under normal or even seemingly harmless circumstances. This clearing re-channels all the energy you have used to survive into energy you can use to thrive. People report a tremendous sense of freedom from having such traumatic burdens removed from their energy field.


Again, as a special bonus, Jeff’s three-protocol new-client package, a $575 value in and of itself, is built into your $3500 Apprentice Level I, Level II, and Level III investment.





Quantum Vibrational Healing


Apprentice Studies