NOTE: To qualify, you must have completed all 24 the Apprentice Program Modules, A1 – A24, and be invited to the Journeyman Series of Studies.


The Apprentice Studies in Quantum Vibrational Healing relay extremely advanced techniques and clearing modalities in the vibrational and healing arts. From the very first course of study, and especially after participants complete the 24 modules, Subtle Energy and Quantum Vibrational Healing, they have gained enough powerful techniques to incorporate them into their existing practices or to create a new practice. Nearly any issue a client may pose can be assisted by the techniques learned in these first Apprentice 24 modules in the Apprentice course of studies. With the tools you have been given, you have the capacity to achieve phenomenal results. Of course, there is also additional training and other workshops available.  We will keep you informed when they start.


Beyond that, an extensive Journeyman Studies program has been developed where even more advanced levels of training are available. This advanced training is available by invitation only to those dedicated to the healing arts. Attendance and completion of the 24 primary modules of publicly available Apprentice-level training workshops are necessary to be considered for the Journeyman Program. Additionally, as students apply the teachings of the first 24 public modules included in the three Apprentice classes, they are required to document healing and clearing processes which they perform on themselves and others. I suggest that all group appointments should also be attended, as these events are where the practitioner receives numerous empowerments and attains the opening of their own Body/Mind/Energy Field Complex (BMFC) to the very vital energies they will require to accomplish the work for others.


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Quantum Vibrational Healing

Journeyman Studies

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