NOTE: Prerequisite for Apprentice Level III: Both Apprentice Level I and Level II Workshops


In this practitioner training workshop, you will learn how to retrieve personal life force energy for yourself and others. This work, sometimes referred to as "soul retrieval," retrieves back to your energy field, your own spiritual substance that has been fragmented and lost through traumatic or disempowering events in your life. Many such fragmentations have occurred throughout your life under normal or even seemingly harmless circumstances. A minimal amount of this available energy is crucial to maintain health and extend life.


Learn how retrieving your personal life force energy can enhance your life experience and your ability to heal yourself and assist others. It is a major component in the manifestation of your desires in the physical plane and protects you from discordant influences, boosts your immune system, and protects you from disease states.


The result of this work returns and accelerates your personal power and sovereign control in your life and experience!


You will experience and learn how to:


Identify ages of crucial loss that can assist in cognitive understanding of the event(s).  Locate and clear traumatic shock, panic, and trauma, and emotions from fragmented life force energy. Retrieve and reintegrate the personal life force and subtle body energy back into your body/mind/field complex (BMFC). Seal holes that have been fragmented from the body or the entire field complex.  Help yourself or others return to an optimal level of self-empowerment and confidence.



• A pendulum, if you use one

• Notepad and writing utensil

• Blanket or jacket


Wonderful healings often occur during and following the workshop.


Come with the willingness to process.



Quantum Vibrational Healing

Masters Studies



 Fall of 2020