QVH Institute



Beth Simon

Creative Director



For Jeffrey Wilson Heals, I bring over 25 years of an extensive background in visual merchandising and staging presence in retail visual management, plus 15 years of graphic design. In the workplace, I have brought my clients’ visions to life.


Some of the companies I have worked with include: Frederick’s of Hollywood, Dillard's Department Stores, Best Products, Mervyn's Department Stores Burlington Coat Factory and The Ranch Stores


I put my talents in graphic designs, floor plans, and visual merchandising techniques to work. Then I take ideas and concepts and turn them into dynamic experiences that resonate core concepts, beliefs and the energetic overlays of my clients.


I utilize ideas to transform them into vivid images, which provides the mediums that truly represent you, your vision and mission.


Most recently, I have also gone deeper than this, as I profoundly value my studies and practice Quantum Evolutions, Facilitators of Consciousness and Vibrational Healing.


All of this adds up to a keen awareness—and the skill—to help you inspire people to call them to action.